February 2, 2017 greenhoper 0Comment

All global citizens are sincerely apprehensive by scientists observant, that ecosystems critical to sustaining life on Globe could collapse in our lifetime. We call on you to meet existing targets to protect biodiversity, forge a new arrangement so that at least half of the entire lands and oceans are protected and restored, and be sure our planet is completely sustainably managed. This must take into consideration the needs of human development, and have the energetic support of indigenous individuals. This long-term goal for nature can restore balance with our home.

Till the year of 2020, two-thirds of wild animals will be vanished. Life is being extinguished as soon as when the dinosaurs vanished and it is happening because human race is taking a chainsaw to chop off the trees. If we don’t stop this disaster, the delicate biodiversity of our beloved planet could utterly crumple, leaving earth deathlike silent as well as decrepit for humans. But there is optimism – scientists are backing up a striving plan to put half our planet under protection and restore tranquility with our home.

As per their statements – “if they do it prudently, in a way that protects native people from exploitation as well as land grabs, they can save almost all species precisely 80 to 90 percent!” It is the time to make the resolution far more hyped so that our world leaders can hear it louder. Unite with the resonant harmony of human voices by backing up the plan to close down the mass annihilation prior to the planet earth falls hushed.

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