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Advancements in technology have generated great improvements in all aspects of the lives. Generally there is a touch of technology in almost everything we do, and it influences and influences all of us far more than we can possibly imagine. Technology is constantly redefining just how we communicate, the way we access information, how we comes from destination to place, what we do for entertainment, how we package with home safety and security, and so much more. It really is continually innovating and reinventing itself in a pace we can hardly sustain.

Much has been said about how precisely technology has made the lives of folks significantly easier and more convenient, and obviously so. It is hard to imagine a global where technological breakthroughs and developments are nil. Numerous scientific trends are consistently triggering excitement and profit for many people. Needless to say, the world of technology is the most significant and the most powerful industry there is.

Nevertheless, when used without caution, technology could be the very thing that destroys us. In one way or another, all of us have been victims of our own technological Addictions? Whether or not we are aware about it.

Now, let us scrutinize how this influences the earth in a larger scale. Accurately what is the next technological shock we have to look out for are in the following.

The Noise of Cyber War

In old days, an event is known as warfare only if there is Bloodshed. Today, however, a war can be waged with an easy click of a finger. As a lot of our everyday activities are so based mostly on technology, it is hard to execute off-line activities without some form of online support. Procedures in business, education, authorities, and military have become so inseparable from the online world because where most, if only a few, of crucial information can be accessed. This is no surprise then, that cyberspace is a common point of attack in the world of internet war. The privacy of an institution is jeopardized when their online accounts is accessed with destructive intent. This form of cyber attack has induced almost as much casualties as conventional wars, sometimes even more.

This is also the reason why security systems have recently been more in demand than in the past. From large institutions to small households everyone is interested in privacy safeguarding in a way they can.

Power of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The idea of technological singularity has recently been around for a long time. Ever since the first computer was created, many great heads have been intrigued by how far the man mind might be and how complex our inventions could be. So far, technical advancements have never failed to exceed almost all of mankind’s expectations. Also because of this, talks of a possible conspiracy became uncontrolled: What to you imagine will happen if man creates intelligence greater than our own? What is the implication if an artifact that can exceed all intellectual activities of any man? What if all human activity is carried out by the intelligent machines we build? It is a frightening thought, but technological singularity and artificial intelligence just might render humans outmoded.


This might be the least technical issue on our list, yet it is possibly the most prevalent technological trend there is today. Why, because anyone is in a position of doing it. You could be of any age, of any occupation, of any nationality. You will discover no qualifications; all you need is an internet connection and an irrepressible urge to attack someone online.

Consequences of cyber-bullying have been overwhelming in recent years; teens are committing suicide, people of high rank are stopping their jobs, and political figures are being sued. Many countries have passed regulations and created policies to keep cyber-bullying in check, but the online community is so big that it is really hard to track these kinds of assaults.

The glance of Genetics Hacking

Technology and biology when these two meet, amazing things are going to happen for sure. The combination of these two powerful terms has been doing magic for the scientific research; diseases receive cures, premature increasing age is prevented, among other things. However, given the extent of how much intrusion technology is competent of; one might want to consider the challenges of having too much biological information available to technology.

Although, Genetics hacking will not only happen inside the laboratory, this can happen as you input personal information on your social networking profiles, and doing whatever activity you need to do online. You might not exactly like it, but as you take part in social press, more of yourself is available online. And since DNA is part of who you are biologically, making your individuality type accessible for surveying online can be a great invasion of your privacy. DNA Hacking does not quite qualify as undamaging; otherwise it wouldn’t be called hacking.

These are only a few technical trends we must always watch out for. Given this, we have to be more aware to the perils of exposing too much of ourselves online. Indirectly, our actions online lead to consequences we might face in the flesh and this is the reason why we must always guarantee home and family safety by any means we can. Be more responsible with your use of technology, find out about securing your software, have alarm systems at home, be involved to maintain office security do anything to keep yourself away from any form of harm, should it be technology-induced or not. Today, unfortunate to say, there is no such thing as safe enough.

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