February 1, 2017 greenhoper 0Comment

The Spokesperson of Greens NSW Environment, Dr. Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has called on the arriving Environment Minister, Gabrielle Upton MP, to listen to the science, to never vested interests.

‘Minister Upton’s precursor, Minister Speakman, but unquestionably the most terrible Environment Minister in the history of NSW, forcing through land clearing laws and regulations that will accelerate weather change, decrease biodiversity and finally lead to more extinctions, ‘ said Doctor Mehreen Faruqi.

‘Environmental policy in NSW favors developers, miners and other who would like to pollute our environment with little outcome. NSW ought to have a minister who listens to the evidence, not vested pursuits.

‘The new Environment Minister has a possibility to put NSW back on the agenda ecological sustainability and putting the community and the environment at the centre of making decisions.

‘There is so much work to be done in NSW including ban of plastic bags, real action to improve quality of air and increasing the amount of land enduringly protected as Domestic Parks after years of being inactive.

‘Under previous ministers, the Environment and Heritage Office and mainly the National Park systems and Wildlife Service have been severely flawed. I hope the current Minister can empower to this indispensable state service, ‘ Faruqi concluded.

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