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Wayne Lording, a Sustainable Energy Farming Advisor will speak on the benefits associated with renewable energy on farms as part of the Regional Development Australia Murray ‘Energy Choices for the Murray Region’ and ‘Corowa District Land-care’ discussion on 24th March.

Wayne will speak particularly with reference to the renewable energy available options for agriculture, including Geo-thermal energy – ground source heating system and cooling.

Wayne is an environmentally friendly and Sustainable Energy Farming Advisor specializing in geothermal energy. With an electronic engineering background, this individual analyses farming businesses energy needs, suggesting ways in which our rural businesses can reduce ever-rising energy costs.

“Indeed there is much to consider from the countless types of sections, inverters, batteries etc. that are available on the market,” Wayne said. “The new and thrilling energy kid on the block is geothermal energy which can heat or cool the house, using the planet as heat sink.

“A simple trench is all that should be used. This shouldn’t be mixed up with large-scale geothermal generation devices which drill deep into the earth gaining high temperature to form steam.

“Geothermal energy can save lots of money when applied to mass companies, such as pig and chicken farming operations. Subsequent the Corowa discussion board, on Saturday, 25 March at Urana, Wayne will be explaining the great things about using drones in culture.

Wayne recommends agricultural businesses on sustainable farming methods and believes drone technology is central to making agriculture both economical and environmentally sustainable.

He presently uses drone machinery to deal with his survey land and cattle stud for geothermal green energy projects. Wayne will be demonstrating an Australian drone designed specifically for the agriculture sector.

Drones are budding as a precious tool for the farmer – crop management including spraying, asset inspection such as fences, bores, pushes and livestock herd monitoring, as well as water sources management. A deficiency of drone basic safety and CASA rules and regulations will also be addressed throughout the practicum.

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