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Renewable energy subjugated new electrical generation of US put into service during 2016, in line with the latest issue of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s or FERC monthly “Energy Facilities Update,” out in preceding week with data through 31st December 2016.

Combined, latest installed energy from renewable sources such as; geothermal, biomass, solar, hydropower, wind totaled 16, 124 MW surpassing that from natural gas, nuclear power, oil and coal combined. This is the second year in a row in which the majority of new making energy came from renewable energy sources. In the year 2015, renewable sources added 12, 400 MW of recent creating energy. Almost half of new energy originates from renewable in the year of 2014.

During calendar year of 2016, new wind creating energy grew by several, 865 MW and was practically matched by new solar form energy (7, 748 MW). There were also 314 MW of recent hydropower energy and 197 MW of new biomass energy; there was no new geothermal steam energy added in 2016.

The rapid regarding renewable — particularly wind and solar ended in their taking away an ever-growing share of the nation’s total creating energy. Five years back, green sources cumulatively made up 14. 26 percent of total available installed creating energy; now they provide almost one-fifth (19. 17 percent): hydropower, 8. 5 percent; wind, 6. 9 percent; solar, 2.0 percent; biomass, 1. 42 percent; and geothermal, 0.33 percent.

Each one of the non-hydro renewable has grown in the past five years and their combined energy has become better than that of indivisible power and practically three times that of oil. In comparison, the shares of the country’s energy provided by oil, nuclear electric power, and coal have all declined. Just natural gas has experienced modest growth this year.

The maximum percentage amplify of any energy source has been experienced by solar whose share of the country’s energy creation of 2% is now practically 12 times bigger than in 2011 December of 0. 17%. Moreover, the augmentation is speeding up new solar energy in 2016 (7, 748 MW) more than two times that added in 2015 (3, 521 MW). It currently surpasses that of geothermal and biomass combined.

The new administration’s focus on fossil powers (fuel) isn’t only environmentally immature but completely unwise in light of the latest data from FERC.  The FERC released its most fresh “Energy Infrastructure Upgrade,” with 8 pages of data years 2015 and 2016, on February 2017.

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